Monday, May 14, 2012

Pal Hunger

Over 1500 detained freedom fighters in Palestine have begun a hunger strike refusing the Administrative detention on them by Israel. 76 days of hunger, 76 days of pain, 76 days of neglect by Israeli officials, neighboring countries and the international community all for one noble goal, all for the goal of ending the travesty of unjustified administrative detention, the more cruelty practiced by IDF personnel, the more determined these masses of prisoners on strike become to gain the most precious thing in one’s life, FREEDOM.  Looking at the severe human rights violations being committed in the Israeli prisons such as  solitary confinement, being held without charges, convictions for protesting, throwing stones, and not proclaiming to the false fact of the existence of the fairly young illegal state of Israel is what pushed these noble men and women to this strike,but despite the fact that this has become the largest strike ever recorded in history the international community is not dealing with this as a severe matter, Why the tardiness in taking any action on an official level?  Is it due to their fear of fueling up the public opinion and more non-violent resistance against the state of Israel? Or is the lives of these detainees of no value?   The very frustrating detail in this whole issue, is the the official position of Jordan regarding the hunger strike, for they have not really taken any aggressive steps towards ending the unjust acts of the so called state of Israel, while all of this is going on and intentionally being disregarded , in the news people are reading the bold statements being fired by “HE Dr. Fayez Altarawanah”, stating his willingness to re-engage in “peace” negotiations with Israel all over again, striking on the cord of it being “in the interest of our fellow Palestinians” an eagerness has grown in me craving to witness this peace treaty in action putting an end the offensive, inhumane, unjustified detention of “our fellow Palestinians”, not to forget mentioning the impressive role of the Arab League as they have succeeded again in coming through with a new disappointment to Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, non-Muslims and the regular people all over the world that have shown sympathy towards this conflict. All in all, lesson learned, in order to exist with dignity and honor one must resist injustice, oppression and fascism by all means in order to  redeem what has been deprived!

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