Wednesday, May 23, 2012

66 years later... Jordan is at the verge of a downfall!

Jordan, a bubble at the brink of explosion, has witnessed a wave of protests and movements refusing injustice! The 24th of March movement and the other countless opposition movements have pursued the streets in hopes of regaining what has been embezzled over the past 13 years. what these opposition movements exemplify is the harvest of what the Regime has been cultivating for 13 years, 13 years of lack of management, 13 years of incompetent bureaucrats running the show, 13 years of pocketing citizens.  It has become a place “where those who have sacrificed nothing pillage and destroy the lives of those who have sacrificed greatly.” Thomas  Sowell, It has become a  Jordan where brokers become rulers, the greedy become execs, the illiterate become legislators, and the hypocrites become administrators, representatives and spokespersons, it has become a Jordan where Corruption cases are buried, it has become a Jordan where corruption icons threat to cross all lines and reveal people involved in greater, far more critical corruption cases, it has become a Jordan where, the referred to above, corruption icons have been proven innocent, it has become a Jordan where tax payers are the number one source of income for the nation, it has become a Jordan where the government raises financial support off of “limited goods”, in the meantime it gives lifelong pensions to the "111 parliament" councilmen,  it has become a Jordan where refusal for injustice is a crime, it has become a Jordan where Human rights has taken a pitfall, it has become a Jordan where “Personal Freedom shall be guaranteed” Chapter 2/Article7 of the Jordanian constitution, however freedom is the last factor guaranteed when it comes to saying NO, ENOUGH or seeking justice!

Jordan has reserved a spot on the map of corruption, according to TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL CORRUPTION INDEX Jordan is ranked 56 in the world in 2011 for transparency, making it a well-established sanctuary for those who have corruption projects that will overburden the already flagging economy leading to more debt, poverty and constant tension. On the human rights and freedom of speech front Jordan ranked 144 out of 192 countries according to Freedom House's "Freedom in the World 2011 report", based on the a scale of 1 to 7, where 1 is most free and 7 is least free Jordan earned a "Not Free" status, it has gone the extra mile with the Torture and other ill-treatment incidents that occurred recently in detention centers and police beatings against political activists protesting  government corruption, rising prices, rampant poverty, and high unemployment. Rather than living up to the reputation of being a “democratic” state, excessive violence is practiced to curb any pro-reform voice getting loud.

The 25th of May is just around the corner, let it mark the beginning of Independence from the deep rooted bureaucracy, injustice, corruption and let it be the beginning of a new Jordan, a Jordan that nurtures social justice, a Jordan that accepts freedom of Speech, a Jordan that has no red lines, let it be a Jordan that resurrects to live up to the reputation of rectitude, nobility, hospitality, diplomacy and Statesmanship of the founding fathers of Jordan.

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