Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rambling State of Mind!

“People all over the Arab world feel a sense of pride in shaking off decades of cowed passivity under dictatorships that ruled with no deference to popular wishes” Rashid Khalidi, in "The Arab Spring", in The Nation (3 March 2011)

I’ve been absent recently due to the tremendous chaos in the region as a whole, should it be Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain etc... and the list goes on; yes I am very proud of the Arab Spring and I am confident that we will reach safe grounds even if it will take us a while, but I have completely lost focus due to the massive amount of news and information being circulated and the ongoing plots and treacheries our regimes are following in order to curb advocates of freedom and reform in a region that has been for so long now, characterized as a na├»ve and retarded! Frustration has grew within me repelling into this absence state that I am in! I’ve been avoiding news because all it brings is depressing pictures and disappointing decisions! Massacres in Syria with no substantial actions being taken by the international community on an official level , Settlement manifestation in East Jerusalem, the tension rising in Egypt over the SCAF’s declaring the parliament  not legitimate, the full legislative Authority granted to the Military, the ongoing chaos over the first presidential elections after the revolution,  Libya’s continuous struggle to sustain stability in the country , Yemenis fight to uproot the previous regimes remains and putting an end to the continuous killings, Jordan’s constant raise of  Gasoline Prices, Water prices, Electricity prices,  taxation increases and the restraints on freedom of speech and violation of human rights, the continuous clashes between Bahraini opposition and police and so on! The price of freedom is quite heavy, but the truth of the matter is as long as there is a crack within the front lines of any revolution blood will continue to shed and regimes will remain in power and in control, and the thought of this with the disturbing images being broadcasted everyday on TV and in newspapers is clouding me with depression and desperation!