Sunday, December 25, 2011

Fist of Iron!

What has driven people to the streets, or let me say the fresh blood of the region, the youngsters, the leaders of tomorrow, was awareness of Poverty, Injustice and oppression.. In a time where nothing is left unrevealed thanks to social media in all its forms, where the youngsters see their peers, coming from empowered families enjoying the luxury of riding the latest car releases around town with a driver granted to them by superiority, living in Villas as given as complimentary gifts for their “service”, when this privileged group is sent abroad to pursue  education at selective universities simply because their fathers, grandfather and great grandfathers “are more patriotic”, as if they are the only ones serving the country and patriots to the country, such manifestation generates ,strictly by instinct, the feeling of frustration from the injustice being practiced by the “empowered” to serve their own interests by climbing on the shoulders of the normal, poor and helpless tax payers, who basically are the financers of the luxurious lives enjoyed by a group of endowed dominant people, that are not more patriotic, jealous over the country or more prominent servants than the remaining roughly speaking 95% of the population.
Repulsive are the acts of so called Pro-Regime crowds, whom most of them signify  the poorest of the poor in our societies, living below the lines of poverty, deprived of the simplest and most basic rights of living listed in the international conventions for human rights, that is the right of freedom, a right not only listed by human rights conventions, but it is a right constituted in their religion, as the core of justice and fairness Allah, has given us the complete freedom of being believers or nonbelievers,  “Whoever works righteousness, benefits his own Soul; Whoever works evil, it is against his own Soul: Nor is your Lord ever unjust to His servants.” Qur'an 41: 46.
Yet the intelligence agencies were able to machinate the pro-regime tails and negatively charging by portraying the large masses of "opposition" as evil intending to secretly impose some sort of imported agenda that serves the interest of Tehran, which evidently is a complete myth if you look at the variables given, for this wave of revolutions is virtuous acts to face the poisonous interpretations of the security agencies trying to keep the corrupt and the filthy wealthy protected as they dance upon the skeletons of those "less fortunate". Despite all this, these masses are the partisans, the loyalists, the freemen that are asking for political reform, bringing down the corrupt, and those who are the main cause of where we are today, they demand a fair and legit distribution of the very scarce resources of which there are unlimited uses to, an accredited government chosen by the people with no tampering with the votes by altering the polls and replacing the ballot boxes and the many other shameful acts being carried out by the authorities to keep the so called "Iran’s conspirators" away from carrying out the anticipated reform.. 
They say that pictures of a mountain climber are taken at the peak, not on the way up because no one wants to remember the obstacles, the pain and harsh conditions on the way up.. But in the middle East the case is different, every step up to the peak should be documented by photos to prove that the people's will surpasses any unjust regime. previous examples have been set, let not the rest follow in the steps of those that have passed.

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