Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dear Amman

Dear Beloved Amman,
I wondered to myself while strolling in your wet streets after a rainy afternoon, what has driven us to leave you and go live in the harsh deserets of the gulf, where no matter what you do you feel unwelcomed, where you are treated as a second class citizen and never shall you be given the chance to fit in, dispite the many common things you share with those people, Language, color, origins and god let me not forget Religion...
Dear Amman, Looking at your hills, your lights, driving through your streets, with the unlimited options of hangouts you provide, Rainbow street, Alabdali, jabal alwaibdeh, and Downtown Amman all tell stories of the past.
Dear Amman, I have come to realize that I am no more a resident of Amman, i will not be a part of building the future of this country, i will not follow in the footsteps of my grandparenets and ancestors who have for decades been placing the building blocks of this place, now I have become a visitor to my own country...
Dear Amman, explain to me why you have deprived me the right of living a comfortable life in you? Explain to me why what i have found abroad cannot be provided by you? Explain to me why I can only enjoy your cafes, cultural events and gatherings when im on vacation? Explain to me why in every smile I see here I witness sadness hidden behind that smile????
Dear Amman, you have taken away from us our families, friends and loved ones, how can you be sooo harsh on us?? How come we get that hollow feeling when we are getting ready to go back? How come everything good about you has to come to an end? Its a matter of hours now and we will be gone, we will be going back to the harshness of the expats life in Arabia ...
May Allah protect you Amman, and forgive you for what you have forced us into!
Sincearly yours,

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