Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mobilization Effect!

The Mobilization policy, a deep rooted approach, that has become a culture adapted by the Jordanian government- both Civil and Security sectors- has resulted in a wave of violence that has plunged the streets of Jordan like a tsunami, taking us back to Pre-Islamic Arabia with the detested practices of tribalism, sectarian, regionalism and what I would like to call as Ideologism, where the “social fabric” is suffering a crack that is solely the results of the Mobilization approach with the local media serving this policy. By following the media and newspapers you see ideas and words being planted into the minds of readers such as "opposition" vs. "pro-regime", "East Bank Jordanian" vs. "West Bank Jordanian", "North" vs. "South", "Beduin" vs. "Fallah (peasants)" and the list goes on, and by looking at recent recent events such as the uncivilized stabbing incidents that targeted two young activists; Inas Msallam and Ibrahim Dmour, we see a perfect example of the success of this policy where it is quite obvious that they were attacked based on their Political beliefs, although the officials have denied having any relations to those incidents and blamed it on "emotional issues" for Inas -where they questioned the girls honor- and gave a very weak story about Ibrahim's stabbing incident blaming it on a gang, as they rushed in giving promises to investigate in these incidents, but the question that rises, will they take these cases seriously? Or will they be thrown into the drawers and forgotten like the many other acts of harassment that happened such as the attack on the Muslim Brotherhood offices in Almafraq, or the attack that Targeted H.E. Ahmad Obaidat in Salhoub, or the attack against one of Jordan’s Opposition leaders Laith Shubeilat.

Regardless to whether what happened was planned or pure coincidence, questioning their honor, questioning their patriotism, questioning their origins, such practices have proven that the loyalty to the regime is no longer absolute due to the lack in the ability to contain the current situation and present substantial steps towards a true political reform, allowing freedom in expressing opinion and  loosening the security grip by limiting security authorities meddling in the political life and labeling lots of issues a taboo.

Such underestimations and questionings will only make things worse as the opposition has become and it is growing larger by the day, reaching approximately 40 to 50% of the overall population, You cannot tempt providence and always triumph, as one day Karma will turn right back on whoever is responsible and bite them in the face, that’s when things go out of hand and become disastrous.

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