Thursday, April 26, 2012

Irony Strikes Again at the Venerable House of Rapists

The so called venerable house of "representatives" has done an outstanding job as the members of the house of shame have acquitted the key icons of corruption, closed major corruption files using preposterous justifications, rewarded themselves with lifelong pensions, allowing members of the honorable house of representatives a luxurious life off of the penurious tax payers money, and not to forget the so called elections law that has undervalued political activists, parties, and external spectators and analysts on all levels, considering them to be gullible. The appointed house of "representatives", whom are allegedly representing the people have managed to Rape a population of 6000000 twice within 24 hours. This group of Conspirators are continuously reminding, the already boiling street, that we your "representatives" have no intentions in coming forth with political and economical reform and have taken an oath to sabotage to the image of the legislative institution..  The decisions being taken and laws being passed, neglecting the call for genuine political and economical reform only causes more distress, as this is being witnessed every Friday in protests monsooning the nation in demand for reform where every Friday the requisitions are rising higher getting very close to the so called "red lines".

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